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Changing Times

Changing Times

We live in very special, transformational times. Surviving in an era which has proved to be turbulent and uncertain but exciting and enthralling at the same time has not been a walk in the park for many. The entire human community has been subjected to a transient time shift with the advent of 2020.

To sum it up, we all have felt the need to adapt to a ‘new normal’ with regard to social interactions and dealings as well as our impact on our environment and mother earth. Shaking hand and smiling politely at your customer is not an option anymore, closing a deal now means a strong social media presence.

This change in human behavior and attitude, supplemented by technology was in flux for a quite a few years now, to consider in retrospect but has been pushed in action with the pandemic. A new wave of creativity has been set in motion with the extended periods of lockdown as well as due to the drastic environmental hazards our living patterns have administered. Expressing ourselves has never been as essential as it is today, in order to feel sane and connected.

A lot of people have taken hope in expression thought art which in turn has created room for new clothing brands which are more conscious of our environment and which offer energy sources of healing beyond the conventional medicines.

Just like the silver lining of every cloud, these days of difficulty have brought with them a boom of new opportunities in fields like:

  • New avenues of marketing,
  • A divergent perspective of sale and purchase,
  • Travel,
  • Living styles and food consumption,
  • Home based Healthcare
  • Changing Fashion Trends.

Speaking of fashion, the fashion industry has become more eco-friendly with many brands entirely focusing on organic products and minimizing our carbon foot print. Some of the strong emerging names in this forte include:


With more focus on material science than fashion, Pangaia’s luxurious loungewear is a Hollywood hit. Young stars including Justin Bieber, Jaden Smith and Bella Hadid have been spotted in their loungewear. Their self-cleaning tees made from seaweed, puffers filled with wildflowers and lab-produced pigments made from floral DNA have us all awe struck. It’s a most certain rising star on the world’s wellness fashion stage.

Colourful Standard

Based on values of sustainability and convenience, Colourful Standard brings to us casual wear with clean consciousness. Again, their focus is not on just clothes and accessories but on how our outfits affect and impact our environment. Using 100% organic clothing, it’s a Danish brand focused on producing timeless, high-quality daily essentials. Their range consists of classic and seasonal hues, expertly crafted using certified organic cotton and Italian wool.


It is a platform for every fashion lover, not only a fashion brand. It is the ultimate destination for anyone seeking to improve their living standards as well as expanding their energies. Sassy Girl has some amazing advice for all young girls out there and its life blog offers unique self-development insights. Rooting inspiration in nature and mystical symbols from around the globe, their classic Tees and Hoodies are a must have for any fashion enthusiast seeking a balanced living. To minimize our carbon footprint, all their products are sustainable sourced and printed in the UK.


Again focused on sustainability and conscious crafting, this London born brand offers multilingual clothing items for both men and women. Focused on expanding cultural awareness through visual design, they have used fashion to explore social and cultural diversity.


Designed by an American Dermatologist, the main focus of this brand is to provide sun protection. For all those fashion lovers who do not like loathing their skin with layers and layers of chemicals, this is the go to brand. The principle of production at AmberNoon mergers health and fashion in a unique blend that too without the use of chemicals. Their clothing line includes casual as well as outer wear products like tunics, wraps, and dresses.

Not only has the fashion industry witnessed a paradigm shift during this decade, but food consumption attitudes also seem to be changing to more plant based diets. Big brands like McDonalds are also contemplating to launch plant based patty burgers, not to mention the fervor of environment and animal enthusiasts.

According to recent research, more and more people are seen to incline towards plant-based sources of protein especially during COVID-19 pandemic. Some of the main causes for this change in eating behavior can be listed as:

  • Meat shortages in some areas,
  • Environmental concerns,
  • A desire to eat a healthier diet

Countless nutritionists advise the consumption of common snacks like hummus and tofu as well as nuts and plant based patties are a very good source of consuming natural proteins to meet our daily bodily needs. More and more people are now oriented on eating healthy and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, instead of rushing to hospitals. This is partly because of the ineffectiveness of certain treatments like that of cancer and partly because of the hefty pay checks needed to cover medical expenses.

Another very interesting expected shift in trend is that of hospitals going obsolete over the coming years. According to Dan Paul, CEO of Easy Orthopaedics, Hospitals are using and old version of business model, squeezing money out of people’s pocket and yet not fully providing the right treatment. Another interesting fact to add here is that majority of Americans declaring bankruptcy cites medical reasons as the cause.

One of the bases leading to this change is the attitude shift in favor of decentralised care that is many people especially old age patients prefer to receive medical care in the comfort of their homes instead of being dragged from here to there in search of better facilities. Again, COVID has played a role in hastening this transformation. Many people are simply afraid of stepping outside their homes, let alone going to a hospital which is loaded with all sorts of germs and infections.

Speaking of acquiring infection, travel is something that rings a bell.

A medieval traveller said, Travelling gives you a thousand roads to adventure and gives your heart wings.” Sadly though, with the unforeseen scenario created by Covid-19, lockdowns and travel restrictions across the globe, traveling has been reduced to bare minimum. Most families and especially parents are skeptical of taking their loved ones abroad into foreign lands. In such times you can obviously explore the world through a simple click or reduce your travel leisure to playing games or learning skills, but the real essence of physical experience can never be replaced and thus this leads to quite a bit of frustration. 

However, if you’re still passionate about traveling and cannot cope with the stress of sitting alone at home then after shortlisting a destination from the limited number of countries open to tourism, you can keep a the following list of things in mind before embarking on your journey:

  • Practice good hand hygiene
  • Minimizing contact with locals and other people
  • Avoiding handshakes

With the onset of COVID- 19, all of us had to make drastic alterations to our day to day lives. Some people embraced the change with open arms while others fell into the arms of anxiety and depression, not to mention the constant life threat due to the pandemic. So how do we combat all these disturbing thoughts of resistance for change?

One core principle which has worked for centuries and can help us stay calm and grounded is believing the fact that our security, mental peace and tranquility does not exist outside of our consciousness. It never has and never will!

Believe that you are in control and see how it transforms your reality!

It works like magic only if you have the strength to believe in the power of your mind. So how and where do we start this majestic journey? How can we improve our lives and living standards?

The answer is simple! Follow your heart.

As clichéd as it may sound, we can harvest positivity and experiences of safety, happiness and sustenance in our mind just as we create room for unhappiness, unproductive fears and worries. Down the lane, it comes down to where we focus our attention, what we choose to think and talk about and the story we tell ourselves every day about ourselves and the world.

As obvious as it is, being able to tailor our life according to our style, we can’t simply wake up one fine morning and expect everything to be exactly as we want.  We have to build it; step by step, day by day. We have to literally rewire our mind to think in a way that is useful to our cause. For this to work out, we need to:

  • Master the strength to combat our childhood trauma,
  • Conquer a forest of limiting beliefs
  • Lick our fair share of emotional wounds.

Even after we are past the hurdles put in our way by our mind and the world, the quest doesn’t end there; rather it’s the beginning of the story: the story of success. And in order to begin and customize our very own story just as we want, we need to find our passion, our purpose, and our very own way of expression.



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