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Our Printing Method

Direct to Garment

Direct to Garment technology has revolu­ti­onised t-shirt printing. It’s built on the back of the inkjet method, where a print head passes over paper and lays down ink. This is where the similarities end and the innovation begins; we’re not using standard inks and paper. We’re printing our designs onto textile with results that last the lifetime of the garment.

We use Kornit DTG printers. They’re industry leading, employing CMYK-RG-W colour channels (that's the usual CMYK plus red, green and white) to maximise colour accuracy and print quality.

All Kornit machines use water based eco-friendly inks that are vegan friendly and not tested on animals. In fact their susta­ina­bility policy is big on eco. We bring Kornit’s eco-credentials to bear with every single DTG print so you know exactly what goes into your product.