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A Journey Of Self-Discovery

A Journey Of Self-Discovery

All we seek right now is deep healing: healing as an individual, healing as a family, healing as a society, and healing as a race!

Have you ever felt scared or uncertain to speak up for yourself even when the voice inside your head is screaming to do so? Or reacted violently over an otherwise petty issue?

If yes, you’ve landed on the right destination.

We all experience our share of short falls, break downs, highs and lows and seldom ponder upon the prime cause of our misery. Sometimes we have our husband to blame, or the woman honking in the car behind us or our loud neighbor, but very few of us have it in us to take responsibility; even fewer so who can properly channel the weight of it. We all fight, fall and conquer our battles every day.

In this technological era of constant preoccupation, it has become nearly impossible to be conscious of our thoughts. We are usually so immersed in the social rat race and our daily life that we hardly have the time or energy to:

  • Spend time with ourselves
  • Reflect
  • Seek Internal Satisfaction

You may be familiar with these concepts, even if you’re not; I’m here to guide you.

Just like a plant which is not watered, our body and mind if not attended to withers and wilts over time. However, the solution is simple! We ought to turn our gaze inward.

Self-Discovery, a rather clichéd term of the decade, is a tool we direly need to:

  • Unlock our true potential
  • Lead a Happier and fulfilled life
  • Support our loved ones

And now, amidst COVID-19 with its associated chaos and isolation you have the time and leisure to nurture yourself. Here are a few simple ways to direct you to a life of true affection and growth:

  1. Turn Your Gaze Inwards

Perhaps you are leading a socially acceptable life: you perform all your duties religiously, go to work, care for your family, hang out with your friends but still sometimes you feel hollow on the inside.

Don’t ignore this feeling. If you cannot place the cause of this feeling, it’s okay. Just take note of its presence. This is the real you calling you, seeking your attention. And this is where your journey begins!

Try asking yourself these questions next time you feel down in an otherwise cheerful scenario:

  • Do I feel comfortable?
  • Are the people around me supportive of who I truly am?
  • Did I have a bad interaction with someone earlier in the day?
  • Do I feel misheard?

You may or may not get clear answers to your questions, but that’s only because you’ve just begun to reflect. The next step will guide you through to getting the right responses from your inner self. Alright then, what do we begin with?

  • A sincere desire to be happy
  • Genuine thirst for self- knowledge
  • Persistence to get answers to your questions
  • Open-mindedness and a staunch belief that the answers are somewhere lost in the expanse of our mind
  • Strength to ignore and discard skeptical, distrustful and self-sabotaging thoughts; you can do it!



  1. Connecting To Your Higher Self

This is a mini meditation tool! This technique is an absolute life changer and the best part of it is that you can learn and practice it on your own! All you need is 5 minutes a day/ 7 days a week!

Here is how you can do the magic:

  • Listen to your body

Out of 24 long hours in a day, save yourself a few minutes of solitude and in those minutes, try and listen to your body. Unwind your mind from your regular thoughts, and try to see what you feel.

  • Focus on what you’re feeling

Once you’ve gotten there, try to focus on your feeling. You may not get there right away, but that’s alright. Practicing this before going to bed may be a good idea, as your mind will be in a relaxed state.

  • Start asking questions

After attaining some level of mental calm, ask yourself questions. Don’t expect to get prompt responses, rather practice this without haste and fear of failure. Above all, do not rate or evaluate your answers.

Everyone is unique and our internal responses are unique like us. They can be in different forms and sometimes in the beginning they are not there at all, but we ought to keep practicing. Like every relationship, this one with your higher self also requires time, care and attention.

  1. Use Coronavirus as a Reminder to Love Yourself

Lack of true attention and affection leads to accumulation of fatigue and stress and if we don’t recharge our energy reserves, just like car batteries, our batteries run out.

Our natural coping mechanism, without our knowledge or understanding, uses an ailment as an escape from the straining environment to hibernate and reorient itself and to give us the strength to get up again.

The point is we internally accept to let the illness or virus in for some deep subconscious reason. For instance:

  • If we feel low or dissatisfied with our family life, and we feel we are not getting the right amount of attention, we fall sick.
  • If we are unable to cope with our work related stress, or feel less appreciated, we fall sick.
  • We might even try to overcome our internal guilt by falling sick.

It’s not that we deliberately choose to suffer consciously, but this entire manifestation and planning takes place at the subconscious level and that is where you need to start working.

You need to start loving yourself in order to be loved. Once you know who you are, what you seek, and what you lack in life, you will not need a viral disease as a mediator to achieve happiness.

  1. Find the Right Motivation

If you really want something badly in life, try and visualize the global benefit of your desire. We humans are cognitively lazy and we don’t accept change easily, however, if we can justify our wants with a strong motivation, our brain can instantly shift from being our enemy to being our best friend in achieving our goal. Fool your mind to overcome:

  • Ancient fear of extinction
  • Self- Doubt
  • Hurdles of going out and conquering your dreams

You have the power to do this only by investing in the right thoughts and positive motivation behind every action.

  1. Control Internal Energy to Influence External Events

If you perceive yourself as an unworthy person, consciously or unconsciously, despite all your efforts and dreams, you will not be able to succeed. This is not so because you did not try, but because you have deep down deemed yourself incapable. Coming to the point, Our Perception is in fact our Manifestation.

Henry Ford had it figured 100 years ago as he said,“ whether you think you can, or you think you can't, in both cases, you are right.”

Only you have it in your power to make your life ever beautiful. In order to get what you seek, you need to:

  • See things within and around you as you want them to be
  • Believe everything is possible and you will make it possible with the power of your mind
  • You don’t need to rely on hope or faith, but rely on your power to create your life

Once you’ve understood the magnitude of your mental strength and the wonders it can perform, the only limitation left is that of your mental capacity and thus your energy reserve. Our internal limitations are in fact the only hurdle in getting what we seek.

  1. Expand your Energy Capacity

Our energy capacity is directly proportional to our acceptance of reality. The more we accept what is within us and around us, the higher our energy resonates thus giving us the strength to expand.

On the contrary, if we keep feeling bad about what’s happening around us, we keep filling our mind with destitute, the lesser our capacity to grow.

The Golden Rule of Success is to be grateful for what you have: to accept.

Accepting here implies to seeing the good in everything, even it is apparently negative. Once you start accepting, you start expanding as you have more and more room for positive thoughts and thus creativity.

Just like for building a house you need to have an architectural layout, in order to grow in your life, you must have a clear vision of what you want to create. Here are a few steps to guide you forward:

  • Learn to see the bright side
  • Ask questions like what good will this particular negative event brings to me; remember that every cloud has a silver lining!

To sum it up here, you can unleash your mental power to transform your entire life only if you choose to pay attention to yourself and learn to love yourself. Some of the ideas shared might not seem tangible right away, but you can follow my podcast for further self-development and human energetics.



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