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A Guide To Symbols and Spirit Animals

A Guide To Symbols and Spirit Animals

We are strong. We are vulnerable. We are powerful. We are soft. We are Sassy. We are women.  But we are not alone. We pass through this world as transient beings but to guide us along the way there are symbols, signs, and spirit animals to lead you in the right direction and protect you. If you can open yourself up to the guidance of the signs around you, you will forever be in good company.


Each symbol in sacred geometry represents something so different, but all can be used to connect you to a higher frequency, a higher state of consciousness. At Sassy-Girl you will find clothing depicting some of the most important symbols and spirit animals. By wearing this clothing you can begin to attract the energy that you need, increasing your vibration and inviting the forces of nature to walk with you and support you in every step along the way.


Let’s go over some of the most commonly found symbols and their meanings.


10 Of The Most Common Symbols

Yin Yang

The perfect symbol of duality, where two things cannot exist without the other. One side always chasing the other. Two opposite energies that still complement each other. Making a perfect balance, night and day, masculine and feminine, good and bad, light and dark, to name but a few of the most important examples in nature. Wear this to attract balance into your life and relationships.


The Heart

The symbol of love, the heart represents the seat and center point of all emotion. Also used to represent joy, charity, and compassion. A perfect mirror, a perfect balance, when two become one. The heart also represents femininity, loyalty, and kindness.



Symbolising movement, direction, speed, and decision making. They are great symbols to represent ambition and decision making. If you need help with the next step on your journey wearing the arrows will attract that decisive energy that you need.


The Cross

Often used in a religious manner the cross represents forgiveness, resurrection, and Christianity. However, did you know that the four points of the cross also represent self, nature, higher power, and wisdom?


The Midas Star

The symbol of abundance and nourishment is often represented with an overflowing glass and produce. If you need to conjure up abundance in your life then this is the symbol for you.


The Infinity Symbol

 Representing the never-ending nature of life. A continuous flow where there is no beginning and no end, limitless possibilities, and no boundaries or limitations. Also often used to represent the perfect balance between masculine and feminine.


The Spiral

The spiral represents the journey from materialism and close-mindedness to consciousness. An un-raveling journey that never ends. It also represents birth and re-growth, life, creation, and evolution.


 The Lotus flower

The lotus flower is a very beautiful piece of imagery. The flower itself grows in swamps. Out of such unpleasantness, a pure white flower emerges daily. The symbol represents spiritual enlightenment, re-birth, revival, and re-emergence. To connect to your higher self be sure to wear a lotus.



The Sun

The sun represents so much, as a leader, the giver of life, light, force, and the strength of self. This masculine energy feeds the ego. Tap into the sun’s energy when you need to be creative, or you need that extra push, the force to go out there and do what you need to do.


The Moon

The moon represents the feminine, controlling the movement of water and the rhythm of life. She stands for eternity and fertility. But most importantly she is the light amongst the dark, if you need to call on strong feminine energy to lead you from a dark place the moon is a strong symbol.


Most Common Spirit Animals

The Hummingbird

A breath of fresh air, this true light, and playful spirit animal is here to remind you how to enjoy the lighter side of life, connect to your inner child, and adapt to your new situations. A great reminder that everything happens for a reason and all will be well.


The Lioness

According to Shamanism, the lioness symbolizes the mother figure, the hunter, the provider, nurturer, and fierce protector. The lion personifies strength and is the most resilient fighter against all life’s challenges.


The Octopus

The go-getter, here to remind you to grab onto what it is that you want in life. But be sure to wait for the right moment, stay out of sight, keep yourself away from others’ opinions and judgments, when what you desire is close and within grasp don’t hold back.


The Tiger

A symbol of strength, power, and virility, this spirit animal is here to remind you to ‘be strong like a tiger’, to have the willpower to do what you need to do. A symbol of sensuality, a sign to not be afraid to connect to the sensuality. Be careful of the aggressive side of the tiger, it can be used as a reminder to keep that short temper under wraps.


The Butterfly

The beautiful butterfly here to guide you through all transformations. To remind you death leads to life, that change and transformation are beautiful times in your life. The butterfly also represents a playful, lighthearted, sweet energy. But also represents the spiritual world, so if that’s what you need to tap into the butterfly is there for you.


The Leopard

The power animal, the one not to cross, yet majestic and oozing with confidence. If you need to conjure up power, freedom, and independence in your life the leopard will have your back. Here to remind you to stop hiding behind your flaws, own them, and walk like a Queen through life’s battlegrounds.


The Dragon

The master of the elements, another powerful spirit animal to help you overcome life’s challenges. USe the dragon to conjure up your fire within. If you are going into a situation and need strength as a leader call on the dragon to breathe fire into you.


The Eagle

The Eagle sores high above, a connector to your spiritual self the eagle will show you back on your path again. A representation of light and spirit. Also used for healing as the eagle holds a higher knowledge beyond our grasp.


Polar Bear 

 Polar bear symbolises persistence and power. Polar Bear Spirit Animal comes to your aid when you feel faint of heart. The challenges in life can often overwhelm. Polar Bear saturates your aura with renewed courage and self-determination.

The symbolism also is powerful for women wishing to conceive or who are already pregnant.


 Do you know your spirit animal? You may be able to feel intuitive which animal you connect with the most. Try to listen to your soul, not your mind. The loud voices in your head will often cloud your intuition. Silence the voices and be guided by your spirit animal.


Notice the Symbols around you, let yourself be guided to what attracts you the most, it will most likely be the essence of what your higher self yearns for right now. Listen.


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